Intercontinental Hotel Perth

Fridgair Industries was engaged to supply, install and commission all remote refrigeration plant servicing the needs of the Intercontinental Hotel Perth.

The project consisted of 9 cold rooms, 2 freezer rooms, 1 beer chilling system and 7 remotely operated refrigerated cabinet systems.

A large portion of the installation uses Glycol as a secondary refrigerant. Glycol is a totally food safe, nonhazardous liquid which is mixed with tap water, chilled in a glycol chiller unit and pumped around a closed loop to all refrigerated spaces (cool rooms, fridges etc). Using glycol provides a number of benefits and energy efficiencies over conventional refrigerant systems. Contact us for more information regarding the use of glycol in your next project.

Intercontinental Hotel Perth is located at:

815 Hay St, Perth WA 6000