Routine maintenance on your refrigeration and air conditioning equipment is essential for efficient operation, maximum equipment life and early detection of breakdowns waiting to occur. We can provide you with a maintenance schedule to suit your equipment and budget.

What are the benefits?

Reduce running costs

Reduce your critical down time

Prolong your product shelf life

Extend the life of your equipment

Reduce equipment repair costs

Keep accurate maintenance reports


  • How often should I service my refrigeration and air conditioning equipment?
  • The frequency in which we recommend you carry out your maintenance is determined by a few factors including the type of equipment, the age of the equipment, the frequency of use, the environment and the location of the equipment.
  • We also understand that keeping within a budget is sometimes required.
  • When preparing a maintenance proposal we will assess each of these and tailor a solution to your requirements.
  • If you sign onto a maintenance agreement will i be locked into a fixed term?
  • No. All of our maintenance contracts are signed up on a no lock in term basis meaning you can cancel or alter your contract at any time.
  • What sort of reporting will I receive on completion of each maintenance visit?
  • Following each maintenance visit we will provide a comprehensive maintenance report detailing a list of the equipment that were checked, what was checked on each piece of equipment, any faults or defects found and any recommendations.

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